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Presented by State Library Victoria

First Steps

A million books upon growing hands,
Eyes gazing upon a longlisted set,
Soft vision of palms running upon spines,
Calloused fingers imagining a world unknown,
New friends to be made,
Shared with the knowledge of mine.

Join together, under a sky of words,
Grass flowering with daisies, petals cupped
In multi-coloured skin, upon a pale blue page.
Hold on tight, my love.
Soon the worlds will arrive
On my doorstep, books scattering my thoughts
Blog posts opening hearts
Inspiring the ideas of my dear readers.
Read with me.
Imagine with me.
Cry with me.
Love with me.



I can totally imagine this as a song(I'd choose Shawn Mendes to sing it). Great skills by the way. Poetry's not my finest suit.

31st Mar, 19

Thanks! Yes...I totally love Shawn Mendes too!

31st Mar, 19

really beautiful poetry, i don' know how you think of it.

1st Apr, 19

Aww thanks!

1st Apr, 19